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Are you kinda average? Pretty normal? Secretly basic? So are we. Meet Maia and Angel, two average women working white collar jobs by day and comedy stages by night. One in SF and one in NYC. We talk about what it's like being ordinary in an extraordinary world. Welcome to B+ Average.

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    Happy HalloVOTE!

    Angel flies first class, up in the sky. Maia didn't love NOLA. The World Health Organization just said “Molly, you in danger girl” to the planet. Cardi sets the record straight. VOTE! NOVEMBER 6! IT COUNTS! Send us pics of ur cute kids or dogs in costumes.

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    Short Hair Don't Care

    Maia is going to N’AWLINS this weekend! Send her recs please. Angel did the BIG CHOP last week. We both agree that Nappily Ever After was not great, although Sanaa is. Angel discovered a site full of celebs with photoshopped big chops. We will post this on the gram.

    Maia has a finance tip on the fastest way to save…drum roll, please…A MILLION DOLLARS.

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    Bonus Episode: Kaseem Bentley

    Warning: This episode contains explicit language. Angel was out of town, but in her abscence we had a special guest on the pod this week, super famous L.A. based comedian Kaseem Bentely. If you don’t know him, now you now. Maia and Kaseem cover a range topics in a seemingly never ending, free-flowing conversation. Kaseem does most of the talking because he’s an amazing storyteller, while Maia asks clarifying questions while saying “like” “ok” and “right” a lot. We talk extensively about teeth and dental care. Enjoy!

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    Ghosting and Compromise

    This is a really funny episode, y'all. I think it’s because Angel blessed SF with a lil’ in person viz this week, so we recorded together in the old stude - a.k.a. Maia’s studio apartment. Anyway, please leave us a review on Apple Podcasts. It’ll clear your skin and fix your credit. This week we talk about Insecure’s Ghosting and Stalking episode. Issa, you in danger girl! But also, sigh, we’ve all been there. #DELETEANDBLOCK #DELETETHETHREAD

    However, we also talk about healthy relationships in this epi! Compromise is the name of the game.

    Senate Republicans are definitely below a B+ this week.

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    Fall Feelings

    We are back from our summer vacay and #wemissedyall! Angel is back on the mic. Nicki and Cardi are being, well, Nicki and Cardi. Justice for Botham Jean. Sleep needs a rebrand. Maia has more personal finance tips - especially if you are 25 and under!

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    Summertime Sadness

    Maia is freezing in SF's notoriously foggy "summer." Meanwhile, winter is coming for Angel (#puffycoat) and she's still not prepared for that NYC life. An Instagram model finessed the men of NYC and we ain't mad about it. Issa Rae maybe stubbed someone's toe, we think. Melania's anti-bullying initiative is the ultimate farce. Al Sharpton said to put some RESPICT (sic) on Arena's name. RIP Queen.

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    If You Know Better, Do Better

    We are trying to be better, y'all. Angel gives up sugar this week. Maia says VIP is the only way to go at a music festival if you are an #eldermillennial. Janelle Monáe is #blackexcellence. Snapchat dysmorphia is a thing. Insecure is back and everyone is still below a B+.

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    Elder Millennials

    It's our 8th episode y'all! We talk protests over abusive nail salons, elder millennials, Pretty Woman (yes, the movie) and skincare. Leave us a review in Apple Podcasts and follow us on Instagram!

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    RIP MoviePass

    Angel and Maia are back this week (we forgot to say our names say our names in the intro) discussing #goals. No really, what are your goals? Maia writes erotic fiction and pronounces anthropomorphic incorrectly. The MoviePass founders are indeed black. Lebron is the GOAT.

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    Beauty Regimens and Libraries

    Why do beauty regimens cost a rack. A stack. Angel shares a sus hangover #protip. We talk about the film Sorry to Bother You (B+) and Insesurce Season 3 predictions. Will the #LawrenceHive be back? Amazon should not be replacing public libraries. Maia loves libraries.

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